Art Intelligence

When looking at paintings in a museum, how often do people ask, "What do you see?'". What they're really asking is what story does the art tell you?

Art intelligence is something that all artist posses. With no particular rules. They are driven by creativity. When I first moved to Los Angeles, I remember a cultural experience I had when visiting this Hollywood artist. His name is Winston Kingstro,originally from the Altedena mountains in California, he believes that art is therapy to the soul. When we first walked into is home we noticed it was filled with antiques and large masterpieces. We couldn't stop looking around at all of intricate details in the decor. We were all there chilling, smoking and listening to his stories and he had a one for each painting, All very interesting stories too! They were the kind that made you laugh and really think about life.

“Hands on Me”  8’ x 5’  mixed media

“Hands on Me”

8’ x 5’

mixed media

Winstons art is a mixture of Van Gogh, Picasso and Basquiat because he too creates art with is soul . He uses whatever his experiences are at that moment to express himself. Art intelligence can be described as the ability to storytelling with colors. He pulled out canvas after canvas like chapters in a book. I later learned that Winston never learned how to read as a child but he never let that stop him from achieving anything in life. Due to his art intelligence, his art work has been able to speak to people across all cultures. His work can be found anywhere from galleries, restaurants and in the 911 memorial museum in New York City, it's no wonder people consider him a true gem.


Check out this video clip of Winston doing some live paintings at his home in Los Angeles at and to see more of his work visit

Written by @crystalermon